Environment Committee

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Agenda – Meeting 1 (2018/19)

Environment Committee Agenda 03.07.18 (1)

Environment Committee Minutes 03.07.18 (1)


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1 To elect the Chair to serve until the Annual Meeting of the Council in May 2019
2 To elect the Vice Chair to serve until the Annual Meeting of the Council in May 2019
3 Apologies for Absence
4 Declarations of Interest
5 Minutes of Meeting 9 held on 1 May 2018: Acceptance & Signing

Environment Committee Minutes 01.05.18

6 Opportunity for the Public to Speak
7 Wild Flower Areas

To receive a presentation from Neil Bowdler, CWAC Rural Area Service Coordinator, around establishing wild flower areas; and discuss & agree potential sites.

7. National Pollinator Strategy

8 Howey Lane
8.1 To note the report from the CWAC Tree Officer about the branch work on the Sweet Chestnut.

8.1 Howey Lane Report

8.2 To note that permission from CWAC will be required to carry out the work.
8.3 To discuss the quotations for the work, agree which contract to commission and agree a timetable for the work.

8.3 Howey Lane Tree Work

9 Litter Picking Events

To discuss and agree to hold an Impact Day on Salt Work jointly with CWAC.

10 Hob Hey Wood
10.1 To note the minutes of the Hob Hey Wood Friends Group held on 25 May, any decisions made and any recommendations or requests.

10.1 HHW Friends meeting minutes, 23-05-18

10.1 Hob Hey Wood Friends – Constitution

10.2 To receive a report on the work that has been carried out to improve the boardwalks.
10.3 To note that the Active Spaces application has been submitted to Fields in Trust.
11 Charter for Trees, Woods and People

To discuss the new guide and agree any actions.

12 Tree Matters

To discuss any issues and agree actions.

13 Rights of Way
13.1 To receive feedback from CWAC on issues raised about the handrail on footpath 60 and issues on FP 72 & 73.
13.2 To discuss any other issues and agree actions.
14 River Weaver Navigation Society

To receive feedback and agree any actions.

15 Sandstone Ridge Signage

To agree the quotation for 3 new signs to add to the boundary signs @ £1034+VAT plus delivery @ £40+VAT.

15. Frodsham gateway to v2

16 Clerk’s Items

Any other matters considered to be urgent for discussion, or item for next agenda

17 Date of the next meeting: Tuesday 4 September at 7pm at CPH.