Frodsham Town Council – Extraordinary Meeting

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Agenda – Meeting 3 (2019/20)

Frodsham Town Council Extraordinary Meeting Agenda (3)

Frodsham Town Council Extraordinary Meeting Minutes (3)


No Item
39 Apologies
40 Declarations of Interest
41 Right for the public to speak
42 Internal Audit Report
42.1 To note the report and agree actions

42.1. Frodsham1819IAReport

42.2 To note the Internal Auditor has signed Page 3 of the Annual Return
43 Annual Return

To complete and approve Section 1 Annual Governance Section

43. AGAR 18-19

44 Income and Expenditure Accounts

To review and approve the income and expenditure accounts for 2018-2019

44. Accounting Statement 18-19

45 Annual Return Section 2 – Accounting Statement

To approve the Accounting Statement in Section 2 of the Annual Return

Accounting Statements 2018-2019

46 Co-option to fill Councillor Vacancies

To consider whether to immediately advertise the vacancies

47 Committees

To appoint Cllr B Stockton to the Planning Committee

48 Clerk’s Report

To receive any information items

49 Date of next meeting

Monday 22nd July 2019

50 Close of meeting