Policy, Process & Revenue Committee

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Agenda – Meeting 2 (2019/20)

Policy, Process & Revenue Committee Agenda 24-02-2020 (2)

Policy, Process & Revenue Committee Minutes 24-02-2020 (2)

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76 Apologies for absence – To note
77 Declarations of interest – To note
78 Minutes of Meetings

To agree minutes of Policy & Process Meeting held 16/12/2019 as true and accurate record

78. PPR Minutes 16-12-19 (2)

79 Requests from the public to speak
80 Finance

To approve and sign January finance report detailing payments of £20,449.22 and receipts of £6,282.10

80. Finance Reports Jan 2020 (2)

80.1 To approve and sign January bank reconciliations
80.2 To note that the current account with be moved from the Co-operative Bank to Unity Trust Bank by beginning of the financial year
81 Assets register

To consider and approve the assets register

81. Assets register (2)

82 War Memorial

To receive an interim report from Kepczyk Pearce Sanderson following a meeting with the Clerk on 29th January 2020

82. SM03 Mins 29.01.20 (2)

83 To note the approximate cost of installing a disabled path from the memorial gates to the memorial
84 Extension to Tarvin Road Cemetery

To receive an update from the Clerk following a meeting with AJK Plant Hire, Harrison Design Development and the Clerk on 7th February 2020

85 Cemetery management

To discuss the guidance on managing a cemetery during a pandemic and agree actions.

86 Website
86.1 To note the communications report for January 2020
86.2 To note the work required to ensure the website complies with new website accessibility guidelines by September 2020.
87 Reserves Policy

To note advice note


87.1 To note the current FTC reserves policy

87.1 Current FTC Reserves Policy (2)

87.2 To note the model SLCC/NALC reserves policy


87.3 To consider recommendations to be made to full council
88 Declarations of Interest & Code of Conduct

To review Standing Orders/Code of conduct in relation to declarations of interest for the register and at meetings

89 Allotments

To consider a review of allotment fees

90 Grant Request

To consider a request from Frodsham and District Choral Society for financial support for its 50th Anniversary Concert on 28 March 2020.

91 Condolence Books

To consider a quote for stationery for a condolence book in the event of the death of a senior public figure.

92 Clerk’s items

To note any information items

93 Date of next meeting

Monday 27th April 2020 at 6pm