Policy, Process & Revenue Committee

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Agenda – Meeting 8 (2019/21)

This meeting was held in accordance with Local Authorities and Police & Crime Panels (Coronavirus) (Flexibility of Local Authority and Crime Panels Meeting) (England and Wales) Regulations 2020.

Members of the public were invited to join the meeting via Zoom.

Policy, Process & Revenue Committee Agenda 22-02-21

Policy, Process & Revenue Committee Draft Minutes 22-02-21

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Video recording

178.     Apologies for absence

To receive apologies and consider acceptance.

179.     Declarations of Interest

To note any declarations of interest

180.     Requests from the public to speak

Members of the public are invited to speak on items which are on the agenda.

181.     Minutes of the Meeting held on 21st December 2020

To agree and sign the minutes as a true record.

Policy, Process & Revenue Committee Minutes 21-12-2020

182.     Date for Extraordinary Meeting of Council

183.     Finance Reports

183 Finance report

  1. To note the Finance Report Pack January 2021. This includes details of all expenditure and receipt items, bank statements, bank reconciliations, breakdown of expenditure and receipts by budget item, management reports.
  2. To approve and sign the report pack.

184.     Assets Register

To consider and approve the assets register under delegated powers Minute Reference 25/01/2021/279.

184 Assets register 2020-2021.xlxs

184 Silver Trophies Report

185.     Terms of Reference

  1. To approve the terms of reference for bench/memorial path working group
    185(a) Memorial benches and path
  2. To approve the terms of reference for the Staffing Sub Committee
    185(b) Staffing Sub-Committee – ToR 2021-2022

186.     Virtual Meeting Policy

To consider and approve the Virtual Meeting Policy

186 Virtual Meeting Policy

187.     Freedom of Information Requests 2021

To receive a report from the Clerk

188.     Festival of Walks

To consider a request from the Festival of Walks Working Group to host information about self-led walks on the Town Council website and to note that there will be no cost additional web development costs as the work can be accommodated within the current monthly website development and maintenance contract.

189.     Over 70s Vouchers

To receive a report

190.     Winter Gritting

To receive an update from the Clerk.

191.     Health & Wellbeing – Brio Consultation

To consider appointing a representative from the Amenities Committee to represent Frodsham Town Council.

192.     General Seats Policy

To consider and review the seats policy.

20210217 Proposed FTC Seats Policy (please email council@frodsham.gov.uk if you need a more accessible version)

193.     Allotments

  1. To receive a report from the Clerk
  2. To note cost of purchasing additional module to current accounts system to manage multiple allotment sites:  Waiting lists; Offer letters, Tenancy Agreements; Outstanding rents; Overdue rent reminders; Notices to quit and terminate; Allotment registers; Key and plot deposit registers; Inspection schedules; Inspection records.  Cost £641.
    193(b) Allotment
  3. To approve purchase of allotment software as above.

194.     Cemetery Report

To receive a report from the Clerk

195.     Clerk’s Report

To receive an update from the Clerk.

196.     Date of Next Meeting

197.     Close of Meeting