Temporary Road Closure, Chester Road, Sutton Weaver

chester road sutton weaver
Chester Road in Sutton Weaver will close to enable work to replace missing chevron plate on the bridge.

Chester Road in Sutton Weaver ( 20 metres either side of Railway Bridge ), will close on 19th June 2017 to replace missing chevron plate at Railway bridge

Notice is hereby given pursuant to the provisions of Section 14 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 that the Cheshire West and Chester Borough Council intends to make an Order the effect of which will be to temporarily prohibitt traffic on the following length of road in Sutton Weaver to replace missing chevron plate on the bridge, works to be carried out by Centurion Site Services.

Chester Road – Sutton Weaver ( 20 metres either side of Railway Bridge)

Nothing in the Order shall prevent driving upon the said lengths of road of any vehicle which is being used for the conveyance of persons goods or merchandise to or from any premises situate on or adjacent to the lengths of road or in connection with agriculture building construction works of repair and the like or use in an emergency of vehicles for fire brigade ambulance or police purposes. A through route will not always be available and any vehicles not requiring access to properties on the length of road should use the alternative routes.

The Order will come into force on 19th June 2017 and will continue in force for a period not exceeding eighteen months or until the works which it is proposed to carry out have been completed whichever is the earlier. It is anticipated that the works will take approximately 2 weeks to complete and will be carried out between 19th June to 24th June and 26th June to 1st July from the hours of 22.00hrs – 06.00 hrs

Alternative routes for through traffic

Traffic should proceed via : Chester Road, Halton Station Road, Clifton Road, Clifton Interchange (southbound), Clifton Interchange (northbound), M56 J12 Join W, M56 Slip Off To A557 (eastbound), Rocksavage Roundabout, Weston Point Expressway (northbound), Weston Point Expressway (southbound), Central Expressway, Southern Expressway, Southern Expressway Roundabout

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18th May 2017