FREE bike marking Friday 18th August at Saltworks Playing Fields Car Park

Cheshire Police Alert & Cheshire Constabulary
Free Bike marking


We are holding a FREE bike marking event at Saltworks Playing Fields Car Park, Ship Street, Frodsham on Friday 18th August between 12pm and 2pm.

5 tips to keep your bike safe –

1.Keep a record & register it

Photograph your bike and record all your bike’s details (the serial number or frame number can be found on the bottom of the frame).

Register your bike on the National Cycle Database to help recover your bike if it goes missing.

Make sure it’s insured and covered when at home and travelling.

2. Mark it

Get your bike security marked. It’s a highly effective, visible deterrent to bike thieves. They know that if they are caught with a registered bike, the owner can be traced, and they will be arrested.

Security marking products can be found at Secured by Design.

3. Park it securely

Thieves prefer to operate in dark, secluded areas where they are less likely to be noticed.

Park your bike in a well-lit and busy area, ideally covered by CCTV.

Designated bike parking in public places is often positioned and designed to reduce the risks of bike thefts.

4. Lock it

As a guide, spend about 10% of the cost of your bike, on locks.

Using two lock types slows thieves down (as it often requires more tools), making your bike less of a target.  Lock the frame and both wheels to a secure bike stand.

Choose ‘Sold Secure’ badged bike locks ideally with a gold standard rating.

Sold Secure – Security Product Testing & Approval.

For high value bikes consider additional security features such as, GPS trackers, smart locks, and audible alarms.

5. Keep it safe at home

Take the same care to lock your bike securely at home as you would on the street.

If kept in a shed or garage, lock your bike with two locks to a ground anchor.

Use a layered approach by also using a Sold Secure – Security Product Testing & Approval padlock on the shed or garage door.

Act fast if stolen.

Contact us as soon as possible by calling 101 or reporting online.

The sooner we know, the sooner we can act, which might stop it being sold on.



Bike Register image with QR code

Bike Register image