One Voice Community Choir Frodsham entertain the residents of Frodsham and it’s Care Homes

When Frodsham’s One Voice Community Choir applied to Frodsham Town Council’s 2022 Grants Scheme last October, and were successful in being awarded a grant to enable them to purchase not just one, but two feedback speakers; one to enable them to use when performing at inside venues and a larger one for outdoor venues and events, they promised to keep us up to date with how they had got on.

Treasurer, Phillippa Mulholland told FTC that the Feedback speakers are for use in larger settings, or for when they perform outdoors and were recently used at both Castle Park and in The Main Street community Church at their big summer concert.

Below is a concert photo of the Choir performing at Chapel Fields Care Home in August 2023 using the equipment which they purchased with the grant money.


One Voice Community Choir at Chapel Fields


The choir have done five care home performances in total so far and hope to do a few more this year nearer to Christmas with a revised repertoire which they will be working on in the next month or so.  They have been very busy.

Phillippa thanked Frodsham Town Council for supporting and enabling the choir with this new equipment, to take their concerts to people who wouldn’t normally be able to attend their other performances.

Thank you for sharing this news with us One Voice Community Choir. Well done and keep up the good work and beautiful singing.