Family Gold Advice

Family Gold Advice

Gold is often targeted by criminals.

You should refrain from keeping high value items in your own home, instead use a bank safety deposit box.

If you do have items at home, they should be kept in a safe that is secured to the brickwork or anchored to the ground. If you can move it easily – then the burglar can too! For guidance visit –

Photograph each item, keep a written description, and make sure it is included on your insurance policy.

Use special property marking technology from

Keep fences/hedges at front of property low – give them nowhere to hide.

Keep your gardens well lit – install dusk till dawn lighting at front and rear of property.

CCTV/video doorbells with clear signage can be a deterrent.

Alarms – consider an accredited burglar alarm.

The two inspectorate bodies are the NSI (National Security Inspectorate – and the SSAIB (Security Systems & Alarm Inspection Board – Both inspectorates have search functions on their websites to assist in checking out if a security company installing alarms is genuinely approved. It will ensure you have a reliable and well-maintained system that meets relevant British and European standards, and which could result in lower insurance premiums.

Look at window/door alarms, these can also be good intruder alarms. If a potential intruder attempts to hit or smash the window, then a powerful siren is triggered.

These are just a few things to consider when looking at your home security, for more information about keeping your home and property safe visit

Report any suspicious activity, such as being watched or followed, to the police through our website, on social media or by calling 101. Always 999 in an emergency.

Please share with anyone who may not have access to this crime prevention advice.