Community Committee – REARRANGED

Event Details

Agenda – Meeting 8 (2018/19)

Community Committee Agenda 10-04-2019

Community Committee Minutes 10-04-2019

No Item
120 Apologies for absence
121 Declaration of interest
122 Minutes of meeting 7 held on 1st April 2019

To approve and sign as true record.

Minutes of Community Committee Meeting 1-04-2019

123 Opportunity for the public to speak
124 Actual spend against budget 2018-2019

To note final year end figures

125 Grant Application Scheme 2019-2020

To consider associated documents and approve terms and condition, application form and scheme information.

2019 Grant Application Scheme – Draft

2019 Grants Scheme – TandC – Draft

2019 Grants Scheme – App Form – Draft

126 Over 70s vouchers

To receive the report for 2018/2019 and agree actions.

Final Report Over 70s Voucher Scheme 2018

127 Play areas

To review progress against play area inspection issues and agree any further action to be taken.

129 Defibrillator

To note relocation of the defibrillator from Overton Village Store to Ring O Bells

130 War Memorial

To receive an update and agree any action to be taken.

131 CCTV

To receive an update and agree any action to be taken.

132 Clerk’s items

Any information items since the agenda was circulated or items for the next agenda.

133 Date and time of next meeting:  to be confirmed.
134 Close of meeting