Amenities Committee

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Agenda – Meeting 1 (2019/20)

Amenities Committee replaces the former Community and Environment Committees.

Amenities Committee Agenda 8-10-19 (1)

Amenities Committee Minutes 8-10-19 (1)

No Item
1 Election of Chair
2 Election of Deputy Chair
3 To confirm Committee membership
4 To approve Terms of Reference for the Committee

Amenities Committee – ToR 19-20

5 Apologies for absence
6 Declarations of Interest
7 Minutes of Meetings
7.1 To approve and sign the minutes of the Community Committee held 13th August 2019

7.1 Community Minutes 13-08-2019

7.2 To approve and sign the minutes of the Environment Committee held 3rd September 2019

7.2 Environment Minutes 3-09-19

8 Opportunity for Public to Speak
9 Play Areas

To note annual inspections carried out by The Play Inspection Company

9. Churchfields-12-7-2019

9. Park Lane-12-7-2019

9. Top Road-12-7-2019

9. Townfield Lane-12-7-2019

10 Park Lane Park

To note that installation of a plaque by a resident has not yet taken place

11 Townfield Lane Play Area

To note response from CWAC Highways in relation to the restricted byway and potential signage; to note response from The Play Inspection Company with regard to fencing a children’s play area.

11.1 To agree any action to be taken
12 CWAC Consultation 20MPH Five Crosses

To agree response

12. Frodsham Five Crosses Speed limit leaflet

13 Hob Hey Wood

To receive a report

14 Clerk’s updates

To note information items

15 Next meeting – 10 December 2019
16 Close of meeting