Community Committee

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Agenda – Meeting 6 (2017/18)

Community Committee Agenda 20.11.17

Community Committee Minutes 20.11.17

No Item
85 Apologies for absence
86 Declarations of Interest
87 Minutes of Meeting 5 – 17.10.17

To approve and sign as a true record.

5. Community Minutes 17.10.17 Draft

88 Opportunity for Public to Speak
88.1 Eddisbury Square Car Park – Rev Andrew Emmission
88.2 Park Lane Benches – Mr J Morgan
88.2 Other
89 Eddisbury Square Car Park

To discuss the issues raised in public speaking time and agree actions.

90 Anti-social Behaviour

To disccuss the recent increase in ASB and agree actions.

91 Play Areas
91.1 Park Lane

To receive an update, acknowledge concern about the benches and agree any actions.

91.2 Churchfields

To receive an update and agree any actions.

91.3 Townfield Lane

To note the minutes of the working group meeting held on 25 October and agree any actions.

91.3. Working Group Minutes 25.10.17 (3)

92 Field Rental Applications
92.1 To note a complaint received about parking at the Bonfire event and agree any actions.
92.2 To discuss and agree any rental applications.
93 Allotments
93.1 To discuss the response from CWAC about the asset transfer of Ashton Drive Allotments and agree actions.
93.2 To discuss the application to list Townfield Lane Allotments as an asset of community value and agree actions.
94 War Memorial

To discuss the conditions survey and agree actions.

95 War Memorial Railings

To discuss adding a plaque to commemorate 3 people who died during bombing in World War II.

95 – Info on bombing dead

96 St Laurence Church War Memorial

Historic England is currently considering whether the above memorial has special architectural or historic interest. To consider whether FTC wishes to comment on the application deadline 27 November.

96 – St Laurence Church War Memorial report_601223

96 – St Laurence Church War Memorial map

97 Daffodil Planting

To agree a request 4th Frodsham Scouts for 4 bags of Daffodils at £100+delivery+VAT to fill gaps in sections towards Helsby.

98 Ground Maintenance SLA

To agree the revised schedule and agreeing the process for 2018-19.

98 – Appendix A – Budget form – Frodsham tender 18 – 19

99 End of Year Forecast

To review the actual figures for the half year and the end of year forecast and recommend any changes to the budget to council.

99 – Community Action Plan for 2017-18

100 Action Plan & Budget 2018-19

To discuss and agree the Action Plan for 2018-19 and the budget needed to achieve it.

101 Clerk’s updates

To note information items.

102 Next meeting – 19 December 2017