Environment Committee

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Agenda – Meeting 3 (2018/19)

Environment Committee Agenda 06.11.18

Environment Committee Minutes 06.11.18

No Item
35 Apologies for Absence
36 Declarations of Interest
37 Minutes of Meeting 1 held on 3 July 2018: Acceptance & Signing

37. Environment Committee Minutes 03.07.18

38 Minutes of Meeting 1 held on 4 September 2018: Acceptance & Signing

38. Environment Minutes 04.09.18

39 Opportunity for the Public to Speak
39.1 Hob Hey Wood Friends
39.2 Other
40 Hob Hey Wood
41.1 To discuss the update from a representative of Hob Hey Wood Friends and agree actions.
41.2 To discuss a request for funding and agree any actions.
43 Action Plan 2019-20

To discuss and develop an Action Plan for 2019-20.

44 Budget 2019-20
44.1 To note the end of year forecast for 2018-19.

44.1 2018-19 end of year forecast

44.2 To agree the budget requirements needed to achieve the Plan.

44.2 Proposed budget 2019-20

45 Manley Road Copse

To discuss the redevelopment of the Copse and agree actions.

46 Howey Lane

To note the work to trim back of the trees and hedges has been carried out on 10 December.

47 Litter Picking Events

To discuss and agree to hold an Impact Day on Salt Work jointly with CWAC.

48 Tree Matters

To discuss any issues and agree actions.

49 Community Orchards
49.1 To discuss an agree moving a tree from near the electricity box on Ship Street to the site of a tree that has died.
49.2 Other
50 Rights of Way

To discuss any other issues and agree actions.

51 Eddisbury Square Litter Complaint

To discuss a complaint made by a resident about litter on Eddisbury Square and agree actions.

52 River Weaver Navigation Society

To receive feedback and agree any actions.

53 Sandstone Ridge Signage

To receive an update on the 3 new signs to add to the boundary signs an agree any actions.

54 Clerk’s Items

Any other matters considered to be urgent for discussion, or item for next agenda

55 Date of the next meeting: Tuesday 8 January at 7pm at Castle Park House.