Staffing Sub-Committee

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Agenda – Meeting 1 (2017/18)

Staffing Sub-Committee Agenda 12.12.17 (1)

Staffing Sub-Committee Minutes 12.12.17 (1)

No Item
1 Appointment of Chair
2 Appointment of Deputy Chair
3 Apologies for Absence – To note
4 Declarations of Interest – To note
5 Agree TOR for the year

To note the Terms of Reference agreed by FTC.

Staffing Sub-Committee – Terms of Reference

7 Requests from the public to speak
8 Staffing Structure

To review the current staffing structure.

9 Annual Appraisal
9.1 To agree the process for carrying out Annual Appraisals for all staff.

9. CHALC Model Appraisal Form

9. Staff Appraisal Form 18

9.2 To agree the timetable for the Annual Appraisals.
10 Workload
10.1 To discuss methods of monitoring staff workload and hours, and agree actions.
10.2 To discuss the process for managing workloads and agree actions.
11 Recruitment Strategy & procedure

To agree the process for staff recruitment and recommend it to FTC on 22 January 2018.

11. Staff Recruitment Process

12 Redundancy procedure

To agree the process for making staff redundant and recommend it to FTC on 22 January 2018.

12. Redundancy Process

13 Staff Handbook

To agree a process to review and update the handbook annually.

13. Staff-Handbook

14 Clerk’s Urgent Items

To consider any urgent items received since the agenda was published and agree any actions.

15 Date of next meeting                   
16 Confidential Personnel Issues
16.1 If required – to discuss issues confidential to individual members of staff or matters which might impact the staff team.