Removal of trees at Manley Road Copse

Several mature trees have recently been removed from Manley Road Copse, a small area of land off Manley Road owned by Frodsham Town Council.

The Town Council commissioned a tree survey to check out the condition of the trees and unfortunately this showed that they were suffering from fungi and rot and recommended that the trees should be removed. Neighbouring houses had also reported damage from falling branches and the Council became more concerned about the long-term stability of the trees.

Storm ‘Doris’ realised our ‘fears’ by bringing down trees at the copse, blocking Manley road.

Work is now completed and the trees have been removed.

We now plan to leave the area alone during the nesting and breeding season to allow birds to nest in the hedgerow, etc. This will also give wildflower seeds in the soil seed bank a chance to germinate in the disturbed soil.

Whilst it is very sad to lose any tree, especially a mature one, removal was unfortunately the only solution. With the new planting and monitoring in the future, hopefully the copse will continue to provide a quiet area for people to enjoy.

Cllr Alan Oulton, Chair of Frodsham Town Council’s Environment Committee, explains the background to the decision here.

Before and after the storm

Photo of Manley Road Copse before the storm
Manley Copse before the storm

Photo of fallen tree from Manley Road Copse
After Storm Doris