Cheshire Police Alert – Keep your Jewellery Safe

Dear Residents,

Please read our advice about how you can keep your valuables safe and your home secure.

Don’t leave jewellery or cash on display in your home or even hidden
• Instead use a bank safety deposit box to store high value items, or at least buy a good quality safe and fix it to a brick walls
• Photograph each item, keep a written description and make sure it is included on your insurance policy
• Use special property marking technology from
• Be discreet if wearing jewellery or carrying large amounts of cash in public
• Make sure your social media account security settings are ‘high’ or ‘private’
• Keep your windows and doors locked and use a burglar alarm and security lighting
• Be vigilant of unexpected callers or cold-callers offering doorstep services. Write down who they said they were, details of any vehicle they were in, and save and back-up any CCTV of them
• Join your local neighbourhood watch scheme
• Report any suspicious activity, such as being watched or followed, to the police through our website, on social media or by calling 101

More information about keeping your home and property safe can be found at

Click here for Advice on how to keep your Jewellery Safe


PCSO Beth George
Cheshire Police, PCSO, Chester LPU