Events Committee

Event Details

Agenda – Meeting 2 (2018/19)

Events Committee Agenda 11.09.18 (2)

Events Committee Minutes 11.09.18 (2)

No Item
19 Apologies for absence
20 Declarations of Interest
21 Minutes of Meeting 1 – 10.07.18

To approve and sign as a true record.

21. Events Minutes 10.07.18

22 Opportunity for Public to Speak

M Maris – Item 23.

Mr V Akers – Item 24.2.

23 Promoting Frodsham

To discuss the more effective use of banners in promoting activities in Frodsham & agree actions.

24 Community Field
24.1 To discuss a complaint about recent uses of the community field and to note that a site visit has been arranged with the complainant.
24.2 To review the rules relating to the rental of the community field and agree any changes.
25 Action Plan

To review the progress against the Action Plan for 2018-19 and agree any actions.

25. Action Plan for 2018-19

26 Budget

To review the expenditure against the budget and agree any actions.

26. Events Budget

27 Frodsham Life

To discuss and agree using Frodsham Life as a means of communicating with residents.

28 Christmas Festival Working Group
28.1 To note the minutes of the meeting held on 11 July, 19 July and 22 August and the decisions made.

28.1 110718 CFPG minutes

28.1 190718 CFPG minutes

28.1 220818 CFPG Minutes

28.2 To note and approve the following expenditure which is within budget:

Supplier   Amount VAT Total
CWAC Temp Licence 21.00 21.00
Vinyl Banners Print Christmas Festival Banner 54.99 76.69
Freestyle Fireworks Fireworks 550.00 550.00
Blue Arrow Traffic Management 600.00 120.00 720.00
Tarvin Sands Fishery Reindeer 1,400.00 1,500.00
Top Cat First Aid 360.00 72.00 432.00
2,985.99 192.00 3,299.69
28.3 To note the next meeting of the Working Group will be on 22 September at 2pm at CPH.
29 Remembrance Day Working Group                 
29.1 To note the minutes of the meetings held on 4 September and the decisions made.

29.1 Remembrance Day Working Group Minutes 40918

29.2 To note the next meetings of the Working Group will be on 16 & 23 October at 6pm at CPH.
30 Halton Curve Opening Event

To receive an update and agree any actions.

31 Halloween Event

To receive an update from the Working Group and agree any actions.

32 Events Sponsorship

To discuss any applications and agree actions.

33 Field Rental Applications

To discuss any applications and agree any actions.

34 Clerk’s updates – To note information items.
35 Next meeting – Tuesday 13 November.