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Agenda – Meeting 16 (2019/20)

This meeting was held in accordance with Local Authorities and Police & Crime Panels (Coronavirus) (Flexibility of Local Authority and Crime Panels Meeting) (England and Wales) Regulations 2020.

Members of the public were invited to join the meeting via Zoom.

Planning Committee Agenda 14.12.20

Planning Committee Draft Minutes 14.12.20

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113.     Apologies for absence

To receive apologies and consider acceptance.

114.     Declarations of Interest

To note any declarations of interest.

115.     Minutes of the Meeting held on 16 November 2020

To agree and sign the minutes as a true record.

DRAFT Planning Minutes 16.11.20 (15)

116.     Opportunity for Public to Speak

117.     Planning Applications

117.1  To consider the applications listed below.

Reference Address Description
20/03931/FUL 8 Clifton Crescent, Frodsham Single storey side extension with roof alterations to existing annex
20/03909/LBC 3 Manor Farm Court, Langdale Way, Frodsham Rebuild rear boundary wall
20/04415/CAT 1 Park Court, Frodsham 2 x Leylandii (2577 and 2578) – Fell
20/04244/FUL 18 Ellis Lane, Frodsham Two storey rear extension with balcony
20/04286/FUL 26 Ennerdale Drive, Frodsham First floor side extension
20/04627/TPO 46 Howey Lane, Frodsham T1 -To fell multi stemmed Sycamore with severe basal decay for safety, situated on drive entrance adjoining highway. T2-4 Lime – Crown lift to clear highway, severe ivy – remove deadwood.

117.2  To note the decisions taken by the Unitary Council and listed below. Frodsham Town Council objected to those applications in bold text.

Date Reference Address Description Decision
27-Nov-20 19/00917/FUL 1 Meadowside, Frodsham Part single storey and two storey side extension Approval
27-Nov-20 19/02538/FUL Land Adjacent 25 Howey Lane, Frodsham Proposed new two storey dwelling house Approval
27-Nov-20 19/04082/FUL Land Rear of 2 To 4 Red Lane, Frodsham Erection of two dwellings including new access and associated parking and landscaping (Re-submission of 19/00384/FUL) Refusal
27-Nov-20 19/04085/FUL Cheshire Cheese, 29 Main Street, Frodsham Erection of 6 dwellings and the conversion and refurbishment of the Public House (A4 use) to create 1 dwelling (C3 use) with associated access, parking and amenity space Approval
02-Dec-20 20/00089/FUL 31 – 33 High Street, Frodsham Erection of office building Approval
02-Dec-20 20/00254/FUL 10 Maori Drive, Frodsham Two storey side and rear extension Approval
02-Dec-20 20/01154/FUL Rosebank, 51A Howey Lane, Frodsham Now extension of existing outbuilding for creation of separate dwelling Approval
02-Dec-20 20/01287/FUL April House Ground Floor, Chestnut Farm, Tarvin Road, Frodsham Change of use from office to nursery Withdrawn
02-Dec-20 20/01295/FUL Land Adjacent 51 Howey Lane, Frodsham Erection of one dwelling Approval
04-Dec-20 20/01364/FUL 68 Main Street, Frodsham Change of use to short-let/ holiday accommodation Approval
07-Dec-20 20/03823/FUL 55 Hillside Road, Frodsham Single storey side and rear extension Approval
07-Dec-20 20/01680/FUL 16 Netherton Drive, Frodsham Part single storey and part two storey side extension Approval
07-Dec-20 20/01697/FUL 88 Ship Street, Frodsham Two storey side and rear extension and front porch Approval
07-Dec-20 20/01693/FUL Land Behind Number 57 Church Street Erection of two detached houses and ancillary works – resubmission of 12/02447/FUL Approval
07-Dec-20 20/01738/FUL 5 Kingsway, Frodsham Single storey side and rear extensions Approval
09-Dec-20 20/01784/FUL Woodhouses Farm, Tarvin Road Frodsham Erection of two dwellings Approval
09-Dec-20 20/01836/FUL 20 Weaver Road Frodsham Single storey front and rear extensions. Demolition of rear out-house. Loft conversion. Approval
09-Dec-20 20/01845/FUL Land Rear of Helsby Park Homes, Chester Road, Helsby Continued use of touring caravan and camping site for up to 10 touring caravans including the siting of a portable toilet block within existing building Refusal

118.     Appeal against Refusal of Planning Permission

To consider whether to make further written representations to the Planning Inspector determining the following appeal against refusal of planning permission by Cheshire West and Chester Council in respect of the following application.

The original application was considered by FTC Planning Committee in January 2020 and the Committee had a number of objections which will considered by the Inspector when determining the appeal.

Appeal Reference Application Reference Address Description
19/04407/FUL 42 Bellemonte Road, Frodsham Demolition of one dwelling and erection of 4 dwellings and detached garages

119.     Appeal against Enforcement Notice

To consider whether to make written representations to the Planning Inspector determining the following appeal against enforcement action by Cheshire West and Chester Council in respect of a breach of planning control. The appellant is arguing that planning permission should be granted for this fence.

Reference Address Description
20/00092/ENF 49 Hayes Crescent, Frodsham Without planning permission, the erection of a 2 metre high closed boarded timber fence to the front and side of the Land which is adjacent to the highway

120.     Street Name Consultation

To consider whether to make an alternative suggestion to Cheshire West and Chester Council for the name for the new development on the site of the Cheshire Cheese public house to that listed below, which has been proposed by the developer.

The name of a living person may not be used and the permission from the family must be obtained to use the name of a person who is deceased, if it is less than 50 years since the date of death.

Proposed Street Name Proposer Justification CWAC Comments
Cheshire Cheese Court The street is named after the old pub that was on the site. No Objection

121.     Dismissal of Planning Appeal at Little India, 98 Main Street Frodsham

To note that the company owning the ‘Little India’ restaurant submitted an appeal to the HM Planning Inspectorate against the refusal of Cheshire West & Chester Council to grant retrospective Advertisement Consent for the display of illuminated advertisements at 98 Main Street Frodsham.

That appeal was dismissed by the Planning Inspectorate on 4 November 2020. To comply with the Inspector’s decision, CWAC’s Planning Enforcement Officer has written to the company requesting the removal of all unauthorised advertisements at that address within three months (ie by 22 February 2021).

122.     Date of Next Meeting

Monday 18 January at 6.30pm.